3 Great Tips For Getting the Hotel You Want


If you’re traveling this year, if you’re like most people, you’re on a budget. However, today being on a budget doesn’t mean you’re limited to thrifty hotels with paper thin sheets and other generic hotel supplies. Budget inns and chain hotels alike strive to please their guests and, as such, pay attention to the wants and needs of their guests, including the hotel supplies. As a consumer, you have more power than you know when it comes to rates, hotel supplies and amenities and, if you’re like most consumers, you’re not aware of it. You have more options available to you when you’re traveling than ever before and most hotels will meet or beat their competition in order to win your business.

Compare hotels

Many people today are part of hotel frequent stay programs so they typically default to those member hotels, regardless of the price, amenities or hotel supplies offered. If this is you, stop! Compare the hotels in your desired price range or area. Obviously the hotel whose frequent guest program you joined has all of the amenities and hotel supplies you want but check out the competition to see if another hotel, or maybe two, has a better rate or a better deal for multiple night stays than your usual hotel. Hotels, and travel discount websites, often run specials or freebies such as stay 2 nights, get 2 nights free or they might give you a suite for the price of a regular room. Some also offer unique hotel supplies to their guests.

Ask for it!

If you want it, ask for it! That might seem simple but you’d be surprise you many people won’t even ask for things they’d like, whether they’re entitled to them or not. From hotel supplies to amenities such as extra towels or missing beauty aids, most people are afraid to ask for even the simplest things. Don’t be afraid to ask. In fact, many hotels have a back stock of hotel supplies such as disposable razors, shaving cream and even pantyhose that nobody knows about. If most of the hotels you’re looking at offer complimentary continental breakfast while the hotel you prefer offers it as an add on for which you must pay, mention that you really love their hotel and the rate but you’ll have to stay somewhere else because it fits your budget better. Many hotels want your business and will deliver the hotel supplies and amenities you need, if only you ask.

Be picky

Often times when you’re looking at hotels, you might not necessarily pay attention to the details, especially if you’ve got the price or location you want and the hotel supplies and amenities are irrelevant. Although the hotels you’ve chosen to compare side by side are all in the same desirable area you want to be in, that’s often where the similarities end. As you’re comparing and reviewing hotels, be picky. You’re spending your hard-earned money so spend it wisely. What are you getting for your money? Do you want a pool and a fitness center in your hotel? Are hotels that don’t offer hotel supplies such as CD/radio alarm clocks and ironing boards, for example, out of contention?

Choose the hotel where you want to spend your time and money carefully from among your favored hotels once you’ve compared them side-by-side. Consider the hotel supplies, amenities and conveniences each offers for the rate and compare them and, if applicable, don’t hesitate to ask a hotel to meet or beat competitor’s rate. Although you might get a ‘no’, hotels want your business so the odds are you’ll get a break of some sort. This is your vacation, your hotel stay, so take advantage of it to get the best possible deal.

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