Sharing Vacations With Friends


A few years ago, the four of us were able to spend time on the east coast, Cape Cod area. It was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was perfect for early September, and for the eight days we were out there, we enjoyed every minute of it. As a matter of fact, we scheduled two more vacations after that in the Maryland and North Carolina areas.

There’s just something about the east coast that is an attraction for my wife and I. We live in the central US so I suppose getting to see the ocean and be part of the “visiting crowd” was a part of the excitement. As of right now, we have a scheduled time away in the Georgia area for the upcoming year.

We were staying in a condo in Mashpee, Mass. on our first trip to the east coast. It was a beautiful setting not far from the ocean but we were only there as a place to sleep. Most of our time was used to travel up to Maine and down to Connecticut. Our goal was to see as much as we could during our stay. I remember stopping for pizza in a town called Mystic Pizza…remember the movie by that name?

There’s a lot to write about as far as that vacation goes but I guess what I want to get out to others is that vacations or even small getaways are always better when you can share them with friends or family. To help make that an enjoyable time for all concerned. let me offer a couple of “tips”.

  • The first and most important part of sharing your vacation time with other people is make sure you like the people you’re going to be with. I know that may seem like a “duh” statement, but think about this. You may like them in your home occasionally, but would you like to spend several days with them? Will they be “Duds” when you want excitement?
  • Allow each person, if they want to, to take control of some aspect of the trip. For example you might let one determine where to stay, another will secure the rental car unless you have your own, another may schedule the sightseeing drives, and so on and so on. This gets everyone involved and creates a whole new dynamic that will make for a memorable vacation.
  • Give each person a day for which the entire group will participate. On one day, one person may want to go whale watching. After looking at the schedules for whale watching in that area, you have determined what day and time you will do that activity and on that day, that’s what you do.
  • One of my great delights, while on vacation, is dining at different restaurants or “eateries”. You can get some real surprises from some of those places…some good and some not so good. But whatever the menu, the experience will be unforgettable and may turn out to be one of the memories a great vacation is built around.
  • Of course sharing the expenses is always a part of experience when your vacationing with others. Be sure to evaluate your available money before you go on any vacation and everyone should determine ahead of time the financial responsibilities of each couple.

There is a lot to consider when you take a trip with others, but with careful planning, you can have an incredible vacation experience.

These are just a few of the things we have done and it really does work. All of us have enjoyed the vacations we have taken together over the years and I believe following these suggestions is one of the keys to having a great time.

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