Why You Should Take a Vacation


Some people think that taking a vacation is a luxury that they cannot afford to have. Especially in these hard times when every dollar counts, people are thinking twice about spending their money on almost anything. Vacations just aren’t that high on many people’s list.

It is really unfortunate for anyone to have that kind of view. While vacations do cost some money, it does have some benefits that cannot be replaced by anything. Here are just some of the reasons why you should seriously think about taking a vacation:

Live Longer- No, that’s not a joke. A real scientific study showed that men who took a yearly break from their work, lived 20% longer than those who didn’t. That reason alone should be enough to convince you to take a break.

Time to Get Away from it All– No one likes stress and getting away from it even for just a few days stretch every year can do wonders for you. After a vacation you would feel refreshed and recharged. You would be ready to tackle new challenges at work.

Best Time to Get Fresh Ideas– It is a fact that some of the best ideas in the world came up during break time. Newton thought about gravity when he was hit on the head by an apple while taking a nap under a tree, Einstein thought about his theory while strolling in the countryside. You might get the next brilliant idea on your vacation.

Vacation Equals Better Productivity– People can be more productive when they are able to get some time off. So it really isn’t true that taking a vacation can cause harm to your productivity. It can actually boost it, in fact.

Keeps Depression Away– Another study has revealed that taking a vacation can keep one from becoming depressed. Taking some time out can help promote a healthy mental state. Sometimes a short vacation is all that it takes to bring a person back on track again.

You Don’t Even Have to Go– Studies have shown so much about the hidden benefits of going on a vacation. One other study has proven that the mere planning of a vacation boosted the happiness of an individual for weeks on end. So you don’t have to go yet before you feel the benefits of going on a vacation.

Taking Time Off Shows You Value Yourself– You have to take the time off, especially the paid vacations. That would show to your peers and your superiors that you value yourself and that you know how important you are to the organization. If you don’t respect or value yourself, then how do you expect others to feel that way towards you?

Those are just some of the reasons why taking a vacation is a must. There are some situations where not taking the time off would be justified, but those situations should be rare and you should grab the opportunity to go once it presents itself because it can really improve the way that you feel.

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